The Mission Canyon Road bridge over Mission Creek is a unique thoroughfare in Santa Barbara. While the stone bridge is charming, it also has a few challenges, including:


  • declining lifespan and structural ratings for the bridge, including a hole in the concrete under the bridge


  • deteriorating & rusting structural supports on the walkway attached to the bridge


  • lack of earthquake retrofitting


  • poor sight lines for drivers


  • existing collision patterns


  • insufficient pedestrian walkways, crosswalks, and bike lanes that connect to Mission Historical Park, the Santa Barbara Mission, Rocky Nook Park, and the Santa Barbara Museum of Natural History


  • constricted water flow under the bridge during large storms


The City is beginning studies to address the existing challenges. There are a number of reasons why studying the bridge makes sense. These include: 

  • declining structural integrity ratings for the bridge

  • preparation for earthquakes - there is a fault line under the northwest side of bridge

  • improving vehicular, pedestrian, and bicyclist safety (Vision Zero)

  • ongoing thorough planning since Mission Canyon Road is an evacuation route and Rocky Nook Park was the site of a debris flow


This is a special area of Santa Barbara, and many people have strong feelings about improving and preserving key elements of the Mission Canyon Bridge. Our goal is to study how various elements impact the area and whether the changes are worth making. Please feel free to share your thoughts with us at: